recommended Filesystem for DoC?

Erich Schubert erich at
Sun Sep 15 06:41:55 EDT 2002

> Ext2 can get you in trouble.  You might be able to minimize your
> exposure by guaranteeing that the fs is sync'd after performing a
> write.

Why is ext3 better here?
I was planning to have my ext2 read-only unless i need to change
something; then remount,rw; change the settings; remount,ro...

> > I was thinking about mounting a cramfs ro as root, a tmpfs in some other
> > dir for automatic files (such as xserver output) and the actual
> > filesytem on the device in /writefs.
> > On that i should then store the kernel and the cramfs-initrd?
> I don't think you can put the kernel in the initrd.  After all, the
> kernel *reads* the initrd.  Instead, the kernel goes into the root
> filesystem (lilo/grub style) or in an MSDOS partition (syslinux
> style).

you misunderstood what i said. I said i put a ext2 there containing the
kernel, the cramfs and the file i need to be able to change easily.

> I stopped using lilo because it is a little too complex and because it
> doesn't handle serial consoles as well as syslinux.  I'd have used
> grub, but it crashes on my hardware.  IMHO, grub is the most
> attractive because it has the best feature set.

i don't need serial consoles; the machine is a X11 terminal - that makes
no sense without a real screen and keyboard ;)

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