DOC 2000 and GRUB

jay.s at jay.s at
Sun Sep 8 22:59:59 EDT 2002

well, I've met the same problem as you before. I have choosed not to include the --enable-diskonchip-biosnetboot since there's no option for me to use in my bios.

later I redo the firmware with this option enabled, and I still have the problem, but I plug out the doc and boot the system from hd, when I saw the lilo option I plug in the doc and fdisk/format the doc, cp the software needed into doc. 

now I can boot the doc alone without problem, but I can't get it work along with hd, when they met, usually the grub take the first to boot and hangs.

I don't know why the problem exists, because I have another doc(someone else made it for me) which can work properly with the hd. so there's no concern about the bios, it must be concerned with the grub firmware I built. but what's wrong. yet it can work well alone.

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