Writing an mtd user module

adr mtd at mcmen.demon.co.uk
Sun Sep 8 15:49:02 EDT 2002

On Sunday 08 Sep 2002 6:36 pm, Jörn Engel wrote:
> On Sun, 8 September 2002 17:26:50 +0100, adr wrote:
> > Having written a driver module for the Dreamcast flash cartridge/vmu, I
> > am now attempting to write a user module that works with the default fs
> > on the Dreamcast flash (see http://mc.pp.se/dc/vms/flashmem.html if you
> > are interested in knowing more about that).
> >

> The block devices don't need to be notified of any changes, devfs
> does. When you "ls /dev/mtdblock", you want to see all the devices
> currently registered.
> To reach that goal, on 'insmod slram something", which creates a new
> device, mtdblock has to be notified of the change in order to change
> the devfs entries.
> Now, for an fs, you only need one device, known from mount to umount,
> so register_mtd_user() is pointless for that purpose.
> Jrn

I'm not sure I fully understand this :-<

What was wrong, the documentation on the websiste or my interpretation of it? 
Am I to take it the notification functions are irrelevant except when devfs 
is being used?


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