DOC 2000 and GRUB

Mark Meade mark at
Fri Sep 6 08:33:13 EDT 2002

Mateo Anderson wrote:
> Is this modified version comitted in the cvs?

No, I just started experimenting (with Grub) yesterday.  Things appear to be 
working great on the DoC Millennium, but I haven't done enough testing to be 
confident enough to submit a patch.  

> >I'm guessing that many problems are caused by having the nftl
> >module loaded during a fdisk, nftl_format, and/or doc_loadbios.
> Are you referring to kernel modules?
> If so, I have these build in (no modules), as suggested by

Yes.  I'm thinking about revising the how-to to suggest using modules for the 
development system, and built-in for the kernel booting from the DoC.  
Alternatively, you could use the built-in stuff all the time, but make sure 
to reboot often:

Wolfgang Denk submitted a patch to address this problem; it sounds like it 
would eliminate the need to reboot:

Being able to use DFORMAT to install GRUB and do the NFTL format eliminates 
the need to use both doc_loadbios and nftl_format, and should make the choice 
of built-in or module irrelevant.  However, Wolfgang's patch still seems to a 
very good idea.

> Steps:
> 1) Boot DOS and use DFORMAT 5.x to format the DOC, with
>    the appropriate space for the GRUB firmware (check the
>    size of the stage1 file).
> 2) Boot to Linux, use the doc_loadbios to load the GRUB
>    firmware (or use DFORMAT - what parameters??).
> 3) Format the /dev/nftla.
> 4) Copy everything to the /dev/nftla1.
> 5) Boot from DOC.
> Is this correct?

Close.  I've been doing the following (with some Grub modifications):

1) dformat /win:xxxx /BDKF0:grub_firmware

Use dformat 5.x to install grub, and the NFTL format.  You'll end up with one 
FAT partition on the DoC.  This eliminates the need to use "doc_loadbios" and 

2) It's necessary (on my PC) to turn it off, rather than just rebooting.  The 
howto explains why this is required.

3) boot to Linux, fdisk, mke2fs, copy everything to /dev/nftla1

4) boot from DoC

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