writing to jffs2 is so slow?

Kenneth Johansson kenneth.johansson at etx.ericsson.se
Fri Sep 6 08:08:58 EDT 2002

On Thu, 2002-09-05 at 23:09, Xiaogeng (Shawn) Jin wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an empty mtd partition (capacity is 16 MB) where a jffs2 fs is 
> mounted. The strange observation is that making a first directory on 
> that partition takes almost 2 minutes. So far I observed this behaviour 
> just when making the first directory and just on that particular 
> partition. Can anyone help me to explain this? Is there anything wrong 
> with flash memory (hardware) or MTD device driver or JFFS2? Thanks.

The thing is that jffs2 seems to mark the whole disk dirty and has to re
erase the whole disk before you can store anything on it. This happens
only the first time. If you wait a few minutes after you do the mount
you should see no delay in creating directories and files.

Maybe it's possible to do a format command that creates a disk that is
empty and prevents the jffs2 code to reformat every block.

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