DOC 2000 and GRUB

Henrik Nordstrom hno at
Fri Sep 6 05:49:02 EDT 2002

Russ Dill wrote:

> k, the grub firmware takes up a specific amount of space, if you just
> load the grub firmware without thinking about this, you'll likely
> overwrite important parts of your nftl partition. So you need to figure
> out how many sectors your firmware takes up, nftl_format just past that,
> erase the now unused sectors, and then load your firmware

Or wait until the new NFTL format is understood, and use the M-Sys DFORMAT 5.x 
program format the flash and install GRUB (plus reserve additional binary 
boot partition space if needed for future upgrades of GRUB)

Personally I am not very comfortable with using ntfl_format when even the 
documentation to ntfl_format says you really should be using the DFORMAT tool 
for formatting the flash.


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