DOC 2000 and GRUB

MAL mal at
Fri Sep 6 02:40:37 EDT 2002

I have exactly the same scenario, (same DOC size and everything).

When I boot with the firmware loaded and a HDD attached, it displays 
Jumping to Grub for about 15 seconds, then finally displays the grub>
prompt. Have you tried waiting?

However, once i've got to the grub> prompt, it doesn't recognise the dc

Did you run aclocal, automake and autoconf as specified in the
README_DiskOnChip in patched grub?  I overlooked it first time, (but it
still worked as far as booting grub, just couldn't find the dc0 device),
so i'm about to try it again.

If you want to boot linux from the HDD again, remove the DOC address
selection jumper for your mainboard, boot, and put it back while the
system is at it's bootloader.


On Fri, 2002-09-06 at 07:01, Mateo Anderson wrote:
> Hi
> I have some problems booting Linux form DOC 2000 using GRUB.
> I am using the PC104+ (with Zfx86 processor) and I made a
> custom Linux on the hard drive, with libs and 
> binares required for my project.
> I want to transfers this to DOC 2000 (48Mb). I followed
> instructions how to build a mtd driver. The Linux boots
> fine from the HD and finds my DOC, where I created one
> ext2 partition and copied all the files there.
> Now I want to boot the system from the DOC without any
> HD. First I used LILO, but I just could not get it to work.
> I used the laterst version of LILO, the patched version from
> M-sys, the patched version from mtd, ...
> All I got was, "L" then "LI" and finally "L 40 40 40 ...".
> Because I found many messages on this list, that GRUB works
> fine I decided to try with it.
> Yesterday I buil GRUB 0.92 with the patches found in the MTD.
> I booted the system from the HD, loaded the GRUB firmware into
> the DOC and rebooted the system.
> It found the DOC2000 and I got the grub> prompt (The HD was
> not connected!!!).
> But when I connected the HD, I got (something like):
> DOC 2000 at ....
> Jumping to Grub
> and then hangs.
> If I disconect the HD, I get the grub> prompt.
> Questions:
> 1) How to boot Linux from HD?
>    - DO I remove the DOC, boot Linux and then insert DOC?
>    - Can I boot the LInux to grub> prompt, and then connect
>      the disk? (Dangerous!!)
> 2) I said I already copied everything on DOC. How can
>    I boot that kernel? I tried with 
>    grub> kernel (dc0,0)/myKernel root=/dev/nftla1
>    GRUB display message something about invalid disk (or something
>    like that).
> 3) Anything else I could try?
> Oh, I did not use the latest version from the CVS, but a CVS 
> snapshot with the date 07.28.2002.
> Thank you and best regards,
> Mateo
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