compact flash and jffs2

Daniel Toussaint daniel at
Thu Sep 5 06:40:08 EDT 2002

Hi all, 

So far I've always been using compact flash as a regular IDE device, putting 
cramfs for read-only, ext2 for r/w partitions. 
I was wondering if using the blkmtd device with a jffs2 filesystem would be a 
better way for R/W partitions ? 
On diverse mailling lists, there are contradicting answers. Some say it's THE 
way to use CF cards, others say it's totally useless since CF cards have 
their own wear leveling system build in. 
There were reports that it takes forever to mount a cf card with blkmtd/jffs2. 
I've tried it, it does take a long time for the whole cf, but in smaller 
partitions (2 - 3 M) it's acceptable. 

* So, is it wise, to use a setup like that in a system, let's say to update 
system configuration files on a small , sepate partition ? 
* Are there some parameters that I can give to blkmtd.o to speed up the 
process of mounting? Currently I only give it "device=/dev/.." 
* Is it better to compile blkmtd.o in the kernel, or leave it as a  module? .



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