64-bit support..what happened?

Allen Curtis acurtis at onz.com
Wed Sep 4 11:06:55 EDT 2002

> > I believe that there are 3 files under map that include the conditional
> > compile and none of them include the proper header file. Perhaps this
> > just indicates that the conditional should be moved to another file or
> > change to use the autoconfig defines?
> I'm inclined to suggest that it should be removed from all three offending
> map files and a new example for 64-bit operation be added;
> physmap64.c. And
> you should only be able to enable physmap64.c in the config if you've
> enabled 64-bit operation -- so it shouldn't need any conditionals at all.
> Does that sound sane?

Sounds good and just a Makefile change. Do you want me to do that?

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