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John Hall John.Hall at
Tue Sep 3 06:09:44 EDT 2002


We're currently using ARM Linux 2.4.18-rmk7, and following the 2.4 series of the kernel for our product that we're developing. I've been using cvs versions of the mtd subsystem since I've needed jffs2 on NAND flash, and I currently have code dating back to June. I've just done an update since there seem to be a lot of jffs2 changes.

Looking at some of the comments, there seem to be some fairly experimental things recently committed (e.g version 1.26 of fs/jffs2/read.c). My question is, is there a reasonably stable version I can use, and indeed is the current HEAD version suitable for 2.4, or is it 2.5 only?

I guess the answer to the first question is to stick with whatever's in the stock kernel unless I want to be helping to test the latest code, but I would appreciate advice anyway.

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