Restart problems after writing to mtdblock?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Thu Nov 28 04:44:08 EST 2002

paulnash at said:
>   On our StrongARM board at the moment, we don't have nRESET_OUT fed
> into the flash chip.  We're investingating that, but I would like to
> knoew the root cause.

This kind of thing is usually caused by inappropriate use of drugs on the
part of the hardware designer, AFAICT.

paulnash at said:
> Partially answering my question, it looks like I was partly correct.
> It appears that MTD is setup to lazily delay a reset to read array
> mode until an actual read request comes along.  In my case, this is
> fatal.

> I'm wondering if a reasonable solution is to do something like install
> a reboot_notifier so I can guarantee the chip is back in Read Array
> mode. Where would be a good place to do such a thing, or if this is a
> bad idea, what is a better one?  Thanks... 

It's been discussed before. IIRC the conclusion that it wouldn't be 100% 
reliable, and it was better to fix the hardware and confiscate the drugs.


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