[PATCH] Linux-2.4.18 block MTD dead-lock

Takeharu KATO tkato at cs.fujitsu.co.jp
Tue Nov 26 19:29:37 EST 2002

Dear Woodhouse:

David Woodhouse wrote:
> tkato at cs.fujitsu.co.jp said:
> > 3. The solution
> > We changed the sequence of the function called ``get_sb_bdev''
> >  in fs/super.c.  We changed the function to make the block device  to
> > be mounted checked before opening the device.
> >  Please refer the patch to make out the changes in detail.
> Wrong fix. Use the fix which is already in 2.4.19.
Thank you for your response.
I'll try it later.

Yours, Sincerely.
Takeharu KATO
Fujitsu Limited
Email:tkato at cs.fujitsu.co.jp (ext. 7112-4621)

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