SmartMedia Card need to create fs before mounting it ?

John Hall john.hall at
Tue Nov 26 04:08:08 EST 2002

On 26 November 2002 07:36 Charles Manning <manningc2 at>

> > When I mount a partition on the SmartMedia card, if I must need to
> > put a jffs2's image on it before mounting it ? Or existed a tool
> > that can directly make jffs2 on the nand flash ?
> I believe you will need to run mkfs.jffs2 to format the nand first.
> You will find this in mtd/util in the mtd cvs.

Or just erase the NAND flash to create an empty JFFS2 partition:

	eraseall /dev/mtdx

eraseall is also in mtd/util.


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