SmartMedia Card need to create fs before mounting it ?

shadow saturn at
Mon Nov 25 16:16:39 EST 2002

On Tue, 26 Nov 2002, Charles Manning wrote:
Could you tell me how to format the partition ?
This is mkfs.jffs2's help..
/root>mkfs.jffs2 --help
Usage: mkfs.jffs2 [OPTIONS]
Make a JFFS2 filesystem image from an existing directory tree

  -p, --pad[=SIZE]       Pad output to SIZE bytes with 0xFF. If SIZE is
                         not specified, the output is padded to the end of
                         the final erase block
  -r, -d, --root=DIR     Build filesystem from directory DIR (default: 
  -s, --pagesize=SIZE    Use page size (max data node size) SIZE (default: 
  -e, --eraseblock=SIZE  Use erase block size SIZE (default: 64KiB)
  -o, --output=FILE      Output to FILE (default: stdout)
  -l, --little-endian    Create a little-endian filesystem
  -b, --big-endian       Create a big-endian filesystem
  -D, --devtable=FILE    Use the named FILE as a device table file
  -f, --faketime         Change all file times to '0' for regression 
  -q, --squash           Squash permissions and owners making all files be 
owned by root
  -U, --squash-uids      Squash owners making all files be owned by root
  -P, --squash-perms     Squash permissions on all files
  -h, --help             Display this help text
  -v, --version          Display version information
I read the help, but still don't understand how to do.
It seem only makes a filesystem image, but can't format partition.

Best regards,
Brian Lee

> On Tue, 26 Nov 2002 08:34, shadow wrote:
> > Hi.
> > When I mount a partition on the SmartMedia card, if I must need to put a
> > jffs2's image on it before mounting it ? Or existed a tool that can
> > directly make jffs2 on the nand flash ?
> I believe you will need to run mkfs.jffs2 to format the nand first.
> You will find this in mtd/util in the mtd cvs.
> -- CHarles
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