Problem in using DOC2000

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Sun Nov 24 21:33:43 EST 2002

Hello Gregg C Levine,

Here is my machine config.

motherboard model: PCA-6179
bios: Pheonix Bios
cpu: PIII 700MHz
ram: 512MB



Hello from Gregg C Levine
You will need to supply us with more information with
your project. Such
as, what motherboard does it use, and what
distribution you are using.
And yes it might be a conflict. The first IDE drive in
a Linux system,
is typically /dev/hda. Most DOCs are typically set to
/dev//hdd, so as
to use the IDE chain that the CD drive is attached to.
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> Subject: Problem in using DOC2000
> Hi,
> I have compiled a linux kernel 2.4.19 with mtd
> built-in and wish to use such kernel to probe the
> and use the DOC to boot my PC later by transferring
> the kernel to DOC. However, after I insert the DOC
> chip to the socket and start my PC, the PC will hang
> in the booting message "Loading linux............."
> Is it related to my PC BIOS? Or IDE harddisk
> with DOC? Any comment or idea? Thanks.
> William
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