Richard Brunelle rbrunelle at
Tue Nov 19 13:12:56 EST 2002

Hi, I have a question concerning a BBRAM from ST, the M48Z512A.

I'm using the BBRAM mapped at 0xE0000 on a single board computer from 
VersaLogic. This BBRAM is pageable through access of a special register 
on the single board computer. I want to map the BBRAM as part of the 
file system.

As I understand MTD is appropriate for this purpose, am I right?

If yes, what are the options in the kernel configuration I need to 
enable to let the system access the device?

My guess is CONFIG_MTD_MTDRAM with the appropriate position set to 
0xE0000. In this case, what type of device should I see in /dev/?


Richard Brunelle

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