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Mon Nov 11 09:43:18 EST 2002



This contact is tantamount to an unflinching desire to establish a long mutual 
business relationship based on trust and mutual understanding.

I am Mr.Dennis Dozie ,the payment Co-Ordinator of ECO INTERNATIONAL BANK 
PLC(Lagos-Nigeria).During the course of investigation it was found that the sum 
US$12.5M (Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars) has been lying 
dormant in a suspense account of our bank.

The said amount after due investigation belongs to a Foreigner, Late ENG.ANDREW 
WILSON who was an Oil merchant/contractor with the Federal Government of 
Nigeria and he was our valued customer but unfortunately the dastardly act of 
the terrorists september 11th 2001 on the WTC(NEW YORK) building brought his 
transaction to a halt.It is quite amazing that nobody has serviced the account 
or shown up for his money since after his death till date.Although,several 
efforts have been made by the bank to get in touch with his next of kin or any 
of his relations, but all to no avail (he had no wife or children). 
It is on this note some top officials of ECO INTERNATIONAL BANK PLC,who are 
fully aware of the incident resolved and asked me to find and negotiate with 
trust worthy foreigner who will be willing to assist us ,and act as next of kin 

Going by the policy in our country as against civil servants operating  foreign 
account or even to have that kind of huge amount in our local accounts,I 
solicit for your assistance in transferring this money into your foreign 
account for personal investment purpose. Having found out that your city are 
known for business acumen and trustworthiness in business dealings.

Because of this I have to solicit for your assistance and understanding,with an 
unflinching faith that you will not betray me in this business.This is the 
reason why I am  asking for your assistance to enable me invest the fund in 
your city,settle down with my family and also have you as my mentor.

If you can handle the transfer for our joint benefit please get back to me so 
we can discuss,as what is required now is either for us to  have you as his 
next of kin or to transfer the money in your name.

I want you to understand that this transaction must be kept in utmost 
confidentiality and secrecy because the bank here might claim the fund if they 
got to know

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