Problem writing to flash with writeb()

Gettert, Wolfram Wolfram.Gettert at
Tue Nov 12 11:18:46 EST 2002

I try to identify my flash with manufacturer id and device id.
Because I am using the 2.2.18 kernel and I want to be portable I
use the physmap_read/writeX() functions. They are defined as followed. 

void physmap_writeX(struct map_info *map, __u8 d, unsigned long adr)
	__raw_writeX(d, map->map_priv_1 + adr);

In the 2.2.18 __rawreadb is not defined so I have done this.

#define __raw_readX readX
#define __raw_writeX writeX

Now I want to identify the flash doing this

	volatile char *p;
	u32 manufacturer, device;
  	physmap_map.map_priv_1 = (unsigned long)ioremap_nocache(WINDOW_ADDR,

	//Read Manufacturer and Device code	
	manufacturer = physmap_read8(&physmap_map,0);
	device = physmap_read8(&physmap_map,2);	
	printk("Manufacturer Code: 0x%x\n",manufacturer);
	printk("Device Code: 0x%x\n",device);

The result in log is:

Manufacturer Code: 0xff
Device Code: 0xff

If I do it like this:

	p = physmap_map.map_priv_1;
	p[0] = 0x90;
	printk("Manufacturer Code: 0x%x\n",p[0]);
	printk("Device Code: 0x%x\n",p[2]);
The result in log is:

Manufacturer Code: 0xffffff98
Device Code: 0xffffff9c

That's what I expect. *p needs to declared as volatile to let this work.
But I want to use readb ... Any ideas?



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