MTD newbie wants programming a 28F800 with a 2.2.18 kernel

Jörn Engel joern at
Wed Nov 6 04:26:49 EST 2002

On Wed, 6 November 2002 09:25:25 +0100, Gettert, Wolfram wrote:
> I am completely new to MTD. My job is to program a 28F800 boot block flash
> running a 2.2.18 kernel.
> I am using  this patch mtd-patch-2.2.18-20001218-2230GMT. Since there is no
> support for the 28F800 because it has CUI not CFI  I need to write the
> driver for the CUI. I found the lart-driver (lart.c) in the 2.5.x sources
> which can manage a 28F160 (which is compatible to 28F800).
> Do you know of any implementation of the lart-driver on a 2.2.x kernel?
> Since the mtd_info structure has changed extensively from the 2.2.18-patch
> to 2.5.x there is a lot of work to-do.

As always, bugging the company to finally upgrade to a recent kernel
is a good thing, although unrealistic. :-)

Most of the mtd code in cvs should be running on any kernel from 2.2.0
up to 2.5.current. David has done an excellent job there. So you
should take a peek into cvs, whenever you have a problem.

Apart from that, try to cut down on the number of #ifdefs, consider
sending a patch to David and good luck!


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-- Albert Einstein

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