Building mkfs.jffs2

Darren Freeman free0076 at
Wed Nov 6 03:20:01 EST 2002

Dear list,

I am trying to build the latest version of mkfs.jffs2 on either of two
PCs running RedHat 7.2 and Mandrake 9.0 respectively.

The problem with the binary mkfs.jffs2 that I have right now is that I
upgraded from a really really old kernel on the target (around 2.4.2) up
to 2.4.20-rmk1 and according to the kernel at boot time, JFFS2 has
changed enough to cause problems.

The symptoms are that I can flash an image and use it for a little
while, but after a small amount of writing (change text files etc.) the
filesystem just screws up and becomes 100% full. From that point onwards
the target is screwed, and only NFS has saved me. Unfortunately with a
broken root filesystem I can't get too much done =)

The RedHat host is running the stock kernel, 2.4.2, and I've configured
the kernel for JFFS2 but not recompiled it. The Mandrake box is running
2.4.20 recompiled to my liking.

The target is an EPXA10 development board, with cpu=ARM922T,
kernel=2.4.19-rmk1 patched for the board.

I simply can't get mtd/utils to build on either host. I don't want a
cross-compiled binary, just something to use on the host. I have tried
using ./configure --with-kernel= pointing to the host kernel or target
but no success. I guess the target kernel is the correct one to use

My latest problem is that mkfs.jffs2.c uses jint16_t which is not found
when grepping through my kernel source but is in mtd. So I have to do
--with-kernel=/path/mtd but finally I get the error:

compr_zlib.c:15:2: #error "The userspace support got too messy and was
removed. Update your mkfs.jffs2"

Followed by tons of garbage.

Any ideas? Or somebody willing to give me a binary of mkfs.jffs2 for
i386 -> ARM9 ? I would greatly appreciate it!

Have fun,
Darren Freeman

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