MTD CVS: missing JFFS2?

Jeffrey Lim jfsworld at
Tue Nov 5 03:13:30 EST 2002

Hi guys, i follow the instructions found at and download the latest MTD source from CVS.

under the patches subdir, there is a, which i run.

However, after taking a look at, i realize that the jffs2 code
doesnt seem to get patched at all!, only jffs. Am i therefore to assume
that the MTD CVS does not contain any jffs2 code at all, and that i
should just use the jffs2 code from the stock kernel?

Any help/explanation would be appreciated. Thanks.


(according to -
"JFFS2 has been included in the official Linux kernel since the 2.4.10
release. The latest code is available from the Memory Technology Device
(MTD) CVS tree at To obtain an up to date copy, use
the following commands:...")

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