how to compile CVS stuff

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Fri Nov 1 22:22:42 EST 2002

Could you read all the READMEs?
and please list down exactly the steps that you took, and what happened.


On Thu, 31 Oct 2002 16:55:04 +0100, "Piotr Trojanek"
<ptroja at> said:
> Hello!
> I work with DOC with nftl driver from vanilla 2.4.19.
> Now I wan't to take fresh stuff from CVS, but I'm unable to comile it.
> I was trying many ways, but can you give me step-by-step instruct how to
> do this? When I just copy things into kernel tree, it won't work.
> And one more question:
> can I make 2 partitions on my DOC: nftla[12] and put bootloader stuff
> and bzImage on first, with JFFS2 on second?
> JFFS2 needs mtdblock device, and whole chip is seen as mtd0.
> or maybe I miss something?:)
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