error " inflate returned -3" occured when copying file into jffs2 file system

Jack Lu jlu at
Sun May 19 18:23:28 EDT 2002

	I have set up the jffs2 file system on 16MB Am29LV320MB.
	When I copied files into the jffs2 file system, for some files, the message
"inflate returned -3" occured.
This message displayed with no relatation with the length of being copied
file. Even though this message occured, the file
still was copied into the mounted jffs2 file system. Then I copied the file
back and compared it with the original file
there was no difference. So it seems the coping is still being done
	I checked the "infalte returned -3" means DATA ERROR on decompressing when
function zlib_inflate is called.

	Why does this happen?


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