Grub Booting Disk On Chip

Bob Chiodini Robert.Chiodini-1 at
Thu May 30 14:25:20 EDT 2002

I did some digging, however dangerous that may be.

I put a "phword" call in doc_stage1.S to print out the value of
"doc_seg".  It looks like the routine runs 4 times.  Once for each d000,
d200, d400, and d600, leaving d600 in doc_seg.

The DOC2000 I have is 32M.


On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 10:59, Ilguiz Latypov wrote:
    On 30 May 2002, Bob Chiodini wrote:
    > 1.  I get "DoC 2000 at D600".  The DOC is really at D000.
    Weird.  Looks like BIOS calls DoC 2000 firmware with a different value of
    Command Segment register.  I don't know if addressing D000:0 by offsetting
    the D600 segment with a different value of IP register is possible.
    > default=1
    > [...]
    > 2.  I get several messages about GRUB trying to find
    > /boot/grub/menu.lst.  None of the messages indicate drive 0xE0.
    Does the "default" parameter in menu.lst makes GRUB attempt to load the
    second entry which refers to the disk 0x80?
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