Append does not return error on full disks

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Tue May 28 09:20:55 EDT 2002

fgiasson at said:
> 	I have observed that jffs2 nevers returns a 'disk full' error when an
> application appends data to an existing file.  I have setup a test
> which opens an existing file for appending, and fwrite() data to it
> until fwrite() returns error. My test never stopped!  So when I
> manually stoppped it, the file system was corrupted.  I was unable to
> unmount it, and neither I could remount it after reboot.  I have setup
> a second test which is a script instead of being a program, using the
> append '>>' command.  Same results. 

Eep. Can you reproduce this with the current code from either the trunk or 
the jffs2-2_4-branch, and with CONFIG_JFFS2_FS_DEBUG=1, logging all the 
messages via a serial console?

> 	During my test, I did'nt open the file with OSYNC flag though, maybe
> it could patch the problem.  I will try it.

Doesn't matter. O_SYNC does nothing -- it's always synchronous anyway.


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