Jedec probe for strange 28F800B3 chips (patch)

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Fri May 24 17:56:44 EDT 2002

I apologize for responding so late, 

the configuration is actually for the 5V bottom boot part.

Here is the datasheet for it:

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Subject: Jedec probe for strange 28F800B3 chips (patch)

I'm working on an embedded system that has two Flash chips labeled
28F800B3-10BD.  The Intel datasheets say they should have an identifier
of 0x8893 (which matches jedec_probe.c), but they report an identifier
of 0x889D.  I found one errata datasheet that says the correct
identifier for these chips is in fact 0x889D.  However, the block map of
this chip is completely different from the one described in the
datasheets.  It has 1 16kB block, 2 8kB blocks, 1 96kB, and 7 128kB
blocks.  This matches the block map for some other random Intel 8Mb
flash chip, but I can't find any datasheets that give this block map and
identifier together.  I've added these chips to jedec_probe.c, and they
work fine once added, but I'm at a loss as to why these chips don't
agree with the datasheets.  Can anyone offer any insight?  Does anyone
have 28F800B3 chips that follow the datasheet?  I've attached a patch
that adds support for them, but I'm not sure what to call them (Intel
28F800B3B version 2? for now).

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