Installation of DoC, HELP...

Gregory Janiszewski gregory.janiszewski at
Thu May 23 02:32:42 EDT 2002

Thank you for your answer.

I format the DoC with the "dformat" program (version 4.2), and the
"UnitSizeFactor" is now correct.
But the fdisk program don't work. It's the same problem : nothing append,
after "fdisk /dev/nftla", the prompt is frozen (I try during 2 hours !!!).
I don't understand why the nftla program can't find the correct geometry of
the DoC, is it correct ?

Cannot calculate an NFTL geometry to match size of 0x17780.
Using C:1001 H:16 S:6 (== 0x17760 sects)
nftla: nftla1


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