how to make a bootable linux on doc millennium

Mark Meade mark at
Wed May 22 08:12:08 EDT 2002

On Wed, 22 May 2002, [gb2312] cytang wrote:

>   my aim is just to build a mini system which can boot
> off my doc . I dont know whether 8M space of Doc  is
> enough . How can I make such a small system ,and can
> boot form doc?

Marius is correct - both LILO and patched GRUB can make the DOC Millennium 
bootable.  8MB is more than enough space for a small system.

I used a package called "Peewee Linux" (GPL-license) to set up my DOC Mil.  
It currently uses 2.2 kernels, but it is possible to use a custom kernel -- 
in my case, a 2.4.18 with the MTD drivers.


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