SST Flash Support (SST39VF160)

Stefan Roese stefan.roese at
Wed May 22 04:49:18 EDT 2002

> stefan.roese at said:
> > physmap flash device: 200000 at ffc00000 CFI: Found no Physically
> > mapped flash device at location zero
> Weird. That chip is definitely supposed to do CFI.
> Sure it's wired up the same and your configured buswidth is right?

Absolutely sure. It's the same board!

After digging a little deeper into the sst documentation, I found the

SST flash need a three byte write sequence (no one), to enter the cfi query

5555 <- aa
2aaa <- 55
5555 <- 98

This does not seem to be CFI compliant!!!

How can we support the sst chips? Extend the cfi code (special for sst), or
extend the amd code? In PPCBoot we use the amd mode and it works pretty

Any ideas/comments?


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