FAT for NAND Flash

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Sat May 18 14:20:26 EDT 2002

--- David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at infradead.org> wrote:
> Neither the 'mtdblock' nor 
> 'mtdchar' code is involved at all. 

As per drivers/mtd/Config.help (2.5.15) :-

At the moment, it is also required for the Journalling
Flash File System(s) to obtain a handle on the MTD
device when it's mounted(although JFFS and JFFS2 don't
actually use any of the functionality of the mtdblock
You do not need this option for use with the
DiskOnChip devices. For those, enable NFTL support
(CONFIG_NFTL) instead.

it means we have to set CONFIG_MTD_BLOCK, if we are
not using DoC but we are using JFFS2 filesystem.

i am confused, who is correct ?

Please guide me.

Thank for your help.

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