FAT for NAND Flash

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Sat May 18 11:30:31 EDT 2002

--- Yong-iL Joh <tolkien at mizi.com> wrote:
> SmartMedia DOS-FAT(abbr. SMFS) filesystem is FAT
> compatible as they say.
> we have implemented SMFS on MTD layer,
> as following...
> 1. FAT (of Linux)
> 2. SCMTL (similar to FTL, NFTL,...)

what is SCMTL ? 

from where i can get specs of SCMTL.

is it also having patent ?

> 3. NAND_smc (it's almost same NAND in MTD except
> handling ECC)

then how you handle ECC ?

> 4. SMC (similart to spia.c)

from where i can get your source code.

Is it working properly .

Thank you for your help.

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