Getting big flash onto motherboards. Will CF work? what will?

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Sat May 18 03:49:54 EDT 2002

On Fri, 17 May 2002, john riehl wrote:

> At 08:51 PM 5/17/02 +0200, Robert Kaiser wrote:
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> >>> 
> >> These are called DiskonModule  (as opposed to diskonchip).  
> >> 
> >> They come in both 40 and 44 pin connections.  They arent very big, they
> >> look like a terminator.  Most are flat, like a hard drive (but much shorter
> >> & smaller), some have an L-shape.
> >
> >So, except for the form factor, what is the difference beween these and
> >a CompactFlash (wrt to reliabilty on power failure, etc.) ?
> >
> I dont know.  I dont know about CF.  how does cf connect to a system?

Basically, a CF uses flash as storage media but looking at it's
interface, it behaves exactly like a normal IDE disk. You can actually
buy adapters (just wiring, no logic) to connect a CF to a normal IDE
connector. So it's pretty much like a DOM.

>  what
> happens when cf loses power?

I understand that when a CF loses power while a write is in progress, it
may corrupt some blocks in such a way that they can not be recovered.

> can you boot from it?

Obviously yes, since it behaves like an IDE drive.

> afaik, dom keeps info despite a power loss.

So does a CF, the problem occurrs when it loses power while a write
is in progress.


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