linux boot time

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Fri May 17 11:44:43 EDT 2002

rsmith at said:
>  I think I posted some info about my experiences a while back.... that
> may have been on the embedded list though...

> David, how many other reports besides mine to you have of the CF's
> developing a problem?  We use both SanDisk and SST CF's in a couple of
> projects and most of our failures are during the development cycle.
> Go figure... 

There was Vipin Malik's writeup at but 
that doesn't seem to be there any more. He was actually doing powerfail 
testing on JFFS/JFFS2 and making me fix it when it broke, but he also did 
some on CF, and obviously could do nothing when it broke. Software is _so_ 
much nicer.

Charles Manning's rants about bog-roll technology¹ are too vehement to have 
been born from anything but personal experience as well, AFAICT :)


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