Quesion on copying to mtdblock0

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Fri May 17 03:51:50 EDT 2002

zeusj at firstlinux.net said:
>  >Can you show me the image you loaded onto the flash? Just the first
> few  >kilobytes should do.

> Sure,with pleasure. If you dont mind , I send you the whole image in
> the attachment

 <Mailman caught it because it was too large for the list.>

 $ od -t x1 jffs2.img | head -1
0000000 85 19 02 e0 44 00 00 00 1d fb f7 98 01 00 00 00

That's a little-endian image. It ain't gonna work on a Dragonball.

Did it not say 
"Magic bitmask is backwards at offset 0x00000000. Wrong endian filesystem?"?

Make sure you use the '--bigendian' option to mkfs.jffs2.


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