Trouble indetifying FLASH part

Ho-Kuo Chan hchan at
Thu May 16 13:37:48 EDT 2002

dwmw2 wrote:
> Yeah. It really does look like the chip isn't where you think it is.
> Can you get Linux to boot anyway, with NFSroot or something?
> od -A x -t x1 /dev/mem | grep "13 03 43 49 53 46 39 00"

I am booting over tftp with nfs mounted root already. I executed the command
you provided at the console with no matches. I noted that the highest memory
address tested was ffffff which makes sense considering the system has 16 MB
RAM. Here is my physical memory map:
0x0 - 0xfffff : SDRAM
0x8000000 - 0x83FFFFF : Flash
0x9000000 - 0x90FFFFF : FPGA
0xEF600000 - 0xEFFFFFF : PPC405GP memory mapped registers
0xFFE00000 - 0xFFFFFFFF : BootPROM

Does this help?

Thanks again,

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