Trouble indetifying FLASH part

Ho-Kuo Chan hchan at
Thu May 16 10:52:14 EDT 2002

David Woodhouse wrote:
> Yes. That's what ioremap() does for you. But the map driver will already
> setting that up -- just call the map->copy_from function in the chip
> to read the first 0x40-odd bytes into a buffer, and then print them and
> compare with what you expected to see.

OK, this is what I did:
char buffer[0x40];

map->copy_from(map, (void*)buffer, 0, 0x40);

for (i = 0; i < 0x40; i++)
    printk("HKC: map->copy_from copied 0x%x to buffer\n", buffer[i];

The result was a continuous stream of 0xf0's. In VxWorks I get
0x1303434953463900 which is "..CIS59.". Does this tell you anything?


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