MTD+JFFS2 on DragonBall VZ

Ales Makarov ales.makarov at
Thu May 16 05:09:30 EDT 2002

I've written my mtd_partition structure.

Should I add the mtd_device first and then mtd_partitions? (I don't need
the whole device access)

  flash0_mtd->module = THIS_MODULE;
  add_mtd_partitions(flash0_mtd, flash0_parts, FLASH0_PARTS);


Jim Zeus wrote:
> --- Ales Makarov <ales.makarov at> wrote:
> >Hi,
> >>Till now I needed MTD with only one chip. But I want use MTD also on the
> >second chip (with partitioning). Do I have to write my own mapper for
> >our board?
> You have to write your own mtd_partition structure
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