misc question about MTD

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Tue May 14 03:40:19 EDT 2002

zeusj at firstlinux.net said:
>  I think its just "assume" , If the Chip A and Chip B got QRY on the
> same location for data ,they will be still regarded as same chip,  and
> that's the "FIXME" in your code means,isnt it:)


>    I think before mount the flash should be erased automatically ,but
> when I mount my flash (the mtd0 and mtdblock0 are all ok), I got the
> following message:

Strange. Is the flash completely erased? It should not be erased 
automatically -- too many people attempt to mount the wrong flash 
partition, and if you mount the partition that contains your bootloader you 
will _not_ thank me for auto-erasing it.

I would strongly recommend you use JFFS2, not JFFS. I haven't looked at JFFS
code for ages now, and I don't think anyone else is doing so either.

> I analysed all the case ,but I think that's impossible to enter the
> "else" bracket theoretically  Did I miss something or there is
> something special for the hardware?

Something special for the hardware. If you power cycle a chip while it's 
erasing, you may find that some bits become undefined -- sometimes they'll 
return a '1', other times a '0'. 


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