Advise sought: new FAT12 for SmartMedia driver

Michael.Will at Michael.Will at
Mon May 13 21:21:33 EDT 2002

I am interested in contributing to Paul's work on the SmartMedia driver,
especially to access the jpeg images my Fuj Finepix 1400 digital camera
writes to it in a FAT12 format. I am sick of booting Windows XP just for
copying the pictures. 

As far as I understand it, I will have to write a translation layer that
is a MTD-user, providing a block-device interface to read all blocks from
the CIS structure that belong to the FAT12 filesystem. Then it can be
mounted read-only by the normal VFAT+msdosfs code of the kernel. 

I looked at the way the usb smartmedia card sddr09 driver is programmed,
but it seems that the sddr09 has some kind of SCSI adapter on the device, 
and so the device driver actually does only do a mapping between real scsi
requests (10 byte) and the one implemented in the firmware of the sddr09
hardware, and shipping those across the usb bus using the usb-storage 

An interpretation of the CIS datastructure 

What would I gain if I implemented a virtual scsi host analogous to how
the usb-storage driver does it? And then map the scsi requests to the
corresponding mtd calls?

On the other hand I could just write a FAT12 extraction block device that
can be directly mounted, too. 

Where should I start? 

Michael Will
PS: My next step is studying ftl.c 
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