Boot from NAND flash ???

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon May 13 05:29:36 EDT 2002

franck.fleter at said:
> I read in mails archive that Linux kernel can't boot from NAND flash.
> It can  boot from NOR flash. Does Linux  kernel not able to boot  from
> NAND flash because :
>     1) a NAND flash is connected to an I/O controller and not to a BUS. 

That's the one. You cannot just put a NAND flash chip at the CPU's startup 
vector and let it boot from it. You need _something_ for the CPU to start 
with, be that SROM, a tiny NOR flash or ROM, or something else. All you 
need is a few bytes to set up your DRAM and start pulling the real 
bootloader off the NAND flash.


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