Current status JFFS2 on DOC

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Wed May 8 18:52:56 EDT 2002

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> On Wednesday, 8. May 2002 18:37, Pieter Grimmerink wrote:
> > From a design point of view, DiscOnChip looks nice with
> > it's feature to boot from it.
> > SmartMedia looks a bit cheaper, but that would require
> > a separate NOR device, large enough to hold a compressed
> > kernel, total price going up above the DOC prices again.
> The minimum requirement is 1MB for a compressed kernel image
> and a bootloader. That's affordable and working :)

Well, it's still something like up to 10 $ extra. Might not sound
much for a few devices, but when numbers get higher...

> The DOC solution is not workable, because it's not available, but you are
> heartly invited to join the club and hack the neccecary drivers.
> There are
> some more people around, who are interrested.

I'd be happy to contribute, though this won't be the first thing I'll
be working on, there are a few devicedrivers to implement first.
I'll probably start off with a different fs, or even with a different
flash device, to get the main functionality right.
But judging by the information I've got so far, I think JFFS2 on DOC
is what I'll eventually go for.

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