Jedec probe for strange 28F800B3 chips (patch)

Gregg C Levine mrspock1962 at
Wed May 8 18:34:04 EDT 2002

Hello from Gregg C Levine
Parts like that, are not uncommon, just darned annoying to fellow
designers. Suggest you call them, part-number-A, such as 28F800B3A. In
fact I suggest you examine the parts, to see what part number they have
stamped on them. I'd be surprised, if the thought never occurred to
Intel before.
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> Subject: Jedec probe for strange 28F800B3 chips (patch)
> I'm working on an embedded system that has two Flash chips labeled
> 28F800B3-10BD.  The Intel datasheets say they should have an
> of 0x8893 (which matches jedec_probe.c), but they report an identifier
> of 0x889D.  I found one errata datasheet that says the correct
> identifier for these chips is in fact 0x889D.  However, the block map
> this chip is completely different from the one described in the
> datasheets.  It has 1 16kB block, 2 8kB blocks, 1 96kB, and 7 128kB
> blocks.  This matches the block map for some other random Intel 8Mb
> flash chip, but I can't find any datasheets that give this block map
> identifier together.  I've added these chips to jedec_probe.c, and
> work fine once added, but I'm at a loss as to why these chips don't
> agree with the datasheets.  Can anyone offer any insight?  Does anyone
> have 28F800B3 chips that follow the datasheet?  I've attached a patch
> that adds support for them, but I'm not sure what to call them (Intel
> 28F800B3B version 2? for now).

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