Current status JFFS2 on DOC

Pieter Grimmerink mailinglists at
Wed May 8 12:37:08 EDT 2002

I was quite happy to read about the recent efforts to support
JFFS2 on NAND devices.

Currently I'm about to make a decision on which flash device
to use for a new embedded device. 
Looking at prices NAND flash looks like the best option, 
especially if we can use JFFS2 on it.

>From a design point of view, DiscOnChip looks nice with
it's feature to boot from it.
SmartMedia looks a bit cheaper, but that would require
a separate NOR device, large enough to hold a compressed
kernel, total price going up above the DOC prices again.

However, all that I have found so far in mailinglists and
howto's, indicates that JFFS2 on smartmedia has been further
investigated then JFFS2 on DOC.
But as far as I understand, there should be no physical limitation
on a DOC to eventually host a JFFS2 filesystem.

Is this all true, and has someone managed to get a working 
JFFS2 filesystem on a DOC? 
and finaly, what are the chances of acutally booting into a 
JFFS2 root filesystem directly from a DOC?
(I heard something about a modified GNU GRUB to replace the DOC

This would eventually all have to run on a non-x86 processor.

Is this a workable solution already, or would I have to go for
more 'conventional' hardware to be safe?

Best regards,

Pieter Grimmerink

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