A few questions (cramfs as root, flash permissions and JFFS2 on 2.2.18)

Chris AtLee catlee at canada.com
Fri May 3 16:17:42 EDT 2002

> My second question has to do with protection on the flash chip itself. 
> Whenever I try to mount a jffs image I get lots of errors saying that
> Erasing failed horribly.  So I tried the erase and eraseall utilities
> and get the message that I'm trying to erase a Read-Only filesystem.  My
> bootloader allows me to peek and poke memory manually, so I played
> around with locking / unlocking sections of flash and it seems that I
> can lock and unlock blocks of flash just fine, it's just that they
> aren't reported correctly by the Read Configuration command...Is this
> what is meant by "Legacy lock/unlock" in the MTD debug output?  MTD
> detects this at unsupported on my unit.

Ok, I fixed this problem by adding a command to mtd->unlock for the
addresses corresponding to the partition I want to be read/write.  Is
this the correct solution?

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