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Zhiwei Yu linux_vpn at
Thu May 2 22:50:59 EDT 2002

hi, John 

I am the one posting "Booting from DOC2000 with GRUB
Loader", and glad to see you still "fighting" grub. 
Now I'm using lilo instead. Although grub have a lot
of benefits, I can't make it work before deadline.:(
If you work it out, would u please give me some clue?

Here is my way to recover DOC chip.  I presumed that
you have an ethernet card on your board.  
1. Build a ramdisk with root fs, put nftl_format
inside it
2. use mknbi to make ramdisk bootable
3. setup a tftp server and bootp server on your
4. go to to download the
latest package, find out the bios for ethernet card
and write it into ethernet card.  After that you can
choose to boot from local or network.
5. boot from network, push your ramdisk to your SBC by
tftp server
You can now nftl_format your DOC.  It's a little
tricky to setup all of it. but quite useful for me who
don't have floppy and harddisk on the SBC.

For further information, pls refer to

Best Regards
Zhiwei Yu

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