Booting from DOC2000 with GRUB loader

Frederick Lefebvre flefebvre at
Thu May 2 14:17:19 EDT 2002

I have some poblem getting grub+doc working.

I followed the instructions :

1- patched grub-0.91 with mtd/patches/grub-2002-02-19-doc.patch
2- ./configure --enable-diskonchip-2000
3- make
4- cp stage2/pre_stage2 mtd/grub
5- cd mtd/grub
6- make
7- ../util/doc_loadbios /dev/mtd0 grub_firmware
8- reboot (I have a nftl partition right after the grub on the doc 2000)

I get the grub prompt but it does not know about dc0.  When I enter
"root (dc0,0)", I get : "Error 21: Selected disk does not exist".

Did I do something wrong?


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