docprobe.c on PowerPC

Brendan J Simon brendan.simon at
Thu May 2 02:57:31 EDT 2002

There a bug in MTD and/or Linux and/or gcc for docprobe on PowerPC 
machines.  I have a pretty recent linux.2.4.18-pre8 kernel from the 
bitkeeper linuxppc_devel archives.  It seems that when setting up 
doc_locations[] that the #elif defined(__ppc__) is not executed.  The 
gcc specs file does not mention this definition.  I did a gcc -v on a 
test file and it seems that -DPPC -D__PPC and -D__PPC__ are defined but 
not -D__ppc__.  Other architectures in the docprobe.c file use 
__alpha__, __i386 __x86_64__, etc.  Where do these definitions come from 
(or where are they supposed to be defined) ?  In GCC, the linux kernel 
or should the MTD code use __PPC__ instead ???

Brendan Simon.

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