Support for Intel 28F800B3B?

Kolakowski, Mikolaj Mikolaj.Kolakowski at
Thu Jan 31 05:31:44 EST 2002

I have IXP1200 eval board equiped with two 28F800B3B. Flashes are 16bit
wide, data bus is 32 bit wide.
These configuration works fine in RedBoot. The problem is in linux kernel
booting, MTD doesn't recognize any flash.
Whole flash is 0x200000 big and mapped at 0x00000000. I have tried to
identify flashes using CFI and JEDEC probe but both failed.
I have done some additional tests, including raw writing and reading to the
flash, the result is that I have read always 0xfffff... instead of 
flash data. I think that I should at least read redboot image?
Anybody could help me?

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