looking for pushpull.c [newbie question]

Paul Lai paul.lai at intransa.com
Wed Jan 30 14:21:59 EST 2002

Hello All:

So far I've been successful with recognizing/reading/writing my flash
(via mtd*.o & cfi_*.o) and erasing (via util/erase).

The current I'm trying to take is to build a jffs2 fs.  The HOWTO says
to use mkfs.jffs to buid a jffs fs, so by extrapolation I'm assuming a
mkfs.jffs2 should be used to build the jffs2 fs.  In mtd/util, mkfs.jffs
compiles/builds fine.  Whereas, mkfs.jffs2 seems to need pushpull.c.  A
quick find of mtd doesn't discover a pushpull.c -- only pushpull.h.  A
new checkout of the mtd sources doesn't produce this file.  The CVS tree
on the web doesn't have one either.  A look at lk-2.4.9 sources doesn't
find one.  A grep of the source files doesn't show a place where a
pushpull.c might be generated.

So, where's pushpull.c?  Where am I not looking?


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