linux/completion.h missing

Navin Boppuri navin.boppuri at
Mon Jan 28 18:59:09 EST 2002

I am working on the kernel tree for PowerPC that I got from It did not have linux/completion.h . On further investigation, the file include/linux/compatmac.h seems to have taken over. I have no clue how and when this happened. All I had to do was take away the linux/completion.h and include compatmac.h and everything worked like a charm.

And no, I was not lying.


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navin.boppuri at said:
> There is a missing file that jffs2_fs_sb.h looks for and does not
> find. The file name is completion.h which is supposed to be in the
> include/linux/ directory. I have the latest 2.4. kernel and I dont see
> this file. What's going on? Where do I get this? 

It's been there since 2.4.7-pre7. Your kernel tree is missing some files or 
you lied about it being the latest.


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